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William Crawford Gorgas
William Crawford Gorgas was born on October 3, 1854, in Toulminville, Alabama. Gorgas was a pioneer in the field of public health and tropical medicine and his work in eradicating ...
Pre-20th Century
Convict-Lease System
Between 1875 and 1928, the state of Alabama profited from a form of prison labor known as the convict-lease system perpetuating a form of slavery. Under this system, companies paid ...
Pre-20th Century
Joe Cain
Joe Cain is regarded as the founder of Mobile’s modern-day Mardi Gras celebration. Before the Civil War, Mobile Mardi Gras was celebrated in conjunction with festivities to ring in the ...
Pre-20th Century
Rube Burrow
Like the more famous outlaw Jesse James, Lamar County native Reuben Houston Burrow, better known as Rube Burrow, headed a gang of train robbers that included his younger brother Jim ...
Russell Cave
Russell Cave is located in northeast Alabama in Jackson County. It is a significant archaeological site with deep deposits that are a result of frequent use by Native Americans for ...
Hank Aaron
Born Henry Louis Aaron on February 5, 1934, in Mobile, baseball icon Hank Aaron first honed his baseball skills while growing up in Alabama. He is best known for breaking ...
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