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Pre-20th Century
Cholera Epidemic of 1873
In 1873, just two years after its founding, Birmingham, was beset by a cholera epidemic that killed 128 people. The disease spread quickly through the city’s water supply. As the ...
Pre-20th Century
Pushmataha is perhaps the best-known Choctaw leader of the nineteenth century. He is most famous for negotiating treaties with the U.S. government that allied the Choctaws with the Americans against ...
Adele “Vera” Hall
Adele Hall Ward, best known as Vera Hall is considered by many to be the foremost singer of the blues and African American spirituals. She recorded a large body of ...
Sonny James
Marion County native Sonny James was a country music singer widely known by his nickname, the “Southern Gentleman.” During a 30-year career beginning in 1953, he recorded numerous chart-topping country ...
Pre-20th Century
Richmond Pearson Hobson
Greensboro native Richmond Pearson Hobson represented Alabama’s Sixth District in Congress from 1907–1915. A naval officer, he gained fame during the 1898 Spanish-American War for sinking the collier USS Merrimac ...
20th Century
Mary Lee Cagle
Alabama-born Mary Lee Cagle was the central figure in a large circle of southern female holiness preachers, a co-founder of the Church of the Nazarene and an organizer of at ...
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