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Country Boy Eddie
Born Gordon Edwards Burns, Country Boy Eddie sold Garden Spot Seeds door to door at the age of 13 to buy his first fiddle. Eddie eventually found his way onto ...
Pre-20th Century
The city of Cullman was founded by Bavarian native Johann Cullman in 1873, when he convinced 15 other German families in Ohio to move with him to new land he ...
Fannie Flagg
Birmingham, Alabama, native Fannie Flagg, who is best known for her novel Fried Green Tomatoes, had a long career as an actress and comedian before dedicating herself to writing. Published ...
Pre-20th Century
Confederacy Government in Montgomery
On February 4th, 1861, delegates from the seceded southern states convened in Montgomery, Alabama, to establish the Confederate States of America. Montgomery was selected as the Confederate capital, and the ...
Pre-20th Century
Chief Menawa
Chief Menawa was a famous leader of the Red Stick faction of Creek Indians dedicated to preserving the traditions and culture of the Creek nation. The Red Stick loss at ...
Percy Sledge
Singer Percy Sledge was one of the most identifiable voices in the genre of country-soul, which emerged from Muscle Shoals in the mid-1960s. In 1966 Sledge recorded his most iconic ...
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