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Pre-20th Century
Brother Bryan
James Alexander Bryan, better known as Brother Bryan, was a well-loved pastor of Third Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. He was an outspoken supporter of racial reconciliation. He is best remembered ...
Pre-20th Century
David Moniac
David Moniac was born near Pinchona Creek in present-day Montgomery County. He was of mixed Creek Indian and white ancestry and a grand-nephew of Creek leader Alexander McGillivray. He was ...
Percy L. Julian
Montgomery native Percy L. Julian was an internationally acclaimed chemist. The third African American to receive a Ph.D. in chemistry, he specialized in the chemistry of natural products and their ...
20th Century
Hazel Brannon Smith
Alabama born and educated, Hazel Brannon Smith owned and edited four Mississippi weekly newspapers during the 1950s and 60s. She spoke out against racial violence and intimidation and in support ...
Jimmy Lee Sudduth
Self-taught artist Jimmy Lee Sudduth was born in Fayette County, where he spent his entire life in a modest home, even as he rose to prominence as of one of ...
Alabama Department of Archives and History
The Alabama Department of Archives and History was founded in 1901, becoming the nation’s first publicly funded, independent state archives agency. The Archives identifies, preserves, and makes accessible records and ...
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