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20th Century
Mary Lee Cagle
Alabama-born Mary Lee Cagle was the central figure in a large circle of southern female holiness preachers, a co-founder of the Church of the Nazarene and an organizer of at ...
Daniel Pratt
Daniel Pratt was Alabama’s first major industrialist and founded the present-day city of Prattville as a self-sufficient manufacturing center. His factory complex, the Pratt Gin Company, became the world’s largest ...
20th Century
Hattie Hooker Wilkins
Selma native Hattie Hooker Wilkins was the first woman elected to the Alabama State Legislature. She joined the 1923 Alabama House of Representatives as a Democrat, expressing the belief that ...
Arthur Alexander
Florence native, rhythm and blues singer and songwriter Arthur Alexander played a significant role in the development of north Alabama’s Muscle Shoals music recording scene. In 1961, Alexander recorded “You ...
Country Boy Eddie
Born Gordon Edwards Burns, Country Boy Eddie sold Garden Spot Seeds door to door at the age of 13 to buy his first fiddle. Eddie eventually found his way onto ...
Pre-20th Century
The city of Cullman was founded by Bavarian native Johann Cullman in 1873, when he convinced 15 other German families in Ohio to move with him to new land he ...
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