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Nell Carter
Birmingham native Nell Carter first came to public attention as a Broadway performer, but she achieved her most lasting fame as the star of the television series Gimme A Break! ...
Jaybird Coleman
Gainesville native, Burl “Jaybird” Coleman was an influential blues musician. In 1927, he recorded seventeen tracks in Birmingham. In 1930, Jaybird went to Atlanta for two recording sessions as a ...
Louvin Brothers
DeKalb County natives Charlie and Ira Loudermilk, better known as the Louvin Brothers, created some of the most impressive country music of the 1950s. In both their lyrical and musical ...
Pre-20th Century
General Joseph Wheeler
General Joseph Wheeler served as the commander of cavalry for the Confederate Army of Tennessee during the Civil War, then went on to a career as a member of Congress ...
Tennessee Valley Authority
Created by the U.S. Congress on May 18, 1933, The Tennessee Valley Authority, or TVA, is the nation’s largest public power company and a world-renowned regional development agency. It operates ...
Lella Warren
Lella Warren was born in Clayton, Barbour County. During a writing career that spanned more than half of the twentieth century, Warren wrote novels, short stories, autobiographical essays, and features. ...
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