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Harper Lee
Harper Lee is best known as the author of one of the most affecting and widely read books of American literature, To Kill a Mockingbird. The native Alabamian drew deeply ...
Pre-20th Century
Huntsville – Interim Capital
As the first incorporated town in Alabama, Huntsville played an important part in the birth and growth of the state. Huntsville served as the temporary capital of Alabama from 1819 ...
20th Century
Kelly Ingram
Pratt City Alabama native, Osmond Kelly Ingram, was the first United States serviceman killed in World War I. He died heroically when a German submarine attacked his ship, and he ...
Pre-20th Century
Old Cahawba
There is little that remains of the government buildings, businesses, and residences that once made up the first capital of Alabama. Now a historical park, the few enduring ruins of ...
Pre-20th Century
Old St. Stephens
St. Stephens was chosen as Alabama’s first seat of government and served as its territorial capital between 1817 and 1819. The now-abandoned settlement of St. Stephens sat atop a limestone ...
Pre-20th Century
Fort Toulouse – Fort Jackson
During the colonial period Fort Toulouse acted as a commercial, religious, and diplomatic frontier outpost for the French from 1717 until 1763. It was one of a series of forts ...
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