Recent Videos and Activities for Engineering

NASA Marshall – Landing on the Moon

The George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville has been the heart of the U.S. space program since its beginnings in the late 1950s.   Marshall Space Flight Center was [more]

October 9, 2019

Kathryn C. Thornton

Montgomery native Kathryn C. Thornton is a physicist and former NASA astronaut. A veteran of four space flights, Thornton has logged over 975 hours in space, including more than 21 [more]

November 19, 2018

Tennessee Valley Authority

Created by the U.S. Congress on May 18, 1933, The Tennessee Valley Authority, or TVA, is the nation’s largest public power company and a world-renowned regional development agency. It operates [more]

October 9, 2018

Daniel Pratt

Daniel Pratt was Alabama’s first major industrialist and founded the present-day city of Prattville as a self-sufficient manufacturing center. His factory complex, the Pratt Gin Company, became the world’s largest [more]

May 25, 2018

Horace King

Horace King was the most respected bridge-builder in the southeast during the mid-nineteenth century. As a slave until 1846, King and his master John Godwin worked as partners on major [more]

February 16, 2017