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Industrial Baseball Leagues
Industrial league baseball, a form of semi-professional baseball, was an integral part of many Alabama communities during much of the twentieth century. In Alabama the strongest of these leagues was ...
Alabama Public Television
Established in 1953, Alabama Public Television was the first educational television network in the United States.  With much of the state struggling to support standalone educational systems, Gov. Gordon Persons encouraged the State ...
21st Century
Eugene Sledge
Mobile native Eugene Sledge was a United States Marine, University of Montevallo professor and author. He is best known for his World War Two memoir, With the Old Breed: At ...
20th Century
On July 8, 1860 the last known slave ship, Clotilda, sailed into Mobile Bay with 110 African men, women, and children on board.  Following Emancipation in 1866, many of these ...
20th Century
Fort Morgan
Fort Morgan, named after Revolutionary War hero General Daniel Morgan, is located in Baldwin County at the mouth of the Mobile Bay. Fort Morgan—and its counterpart Fort Gaines, located on ...
Coal Mining
Experiencing both boom and bust, the coal-mining industry has played an huge role in Alabama’s economy. During the 1840s, entrepreneurs discovered four large coal fields and soon vastly expanded the ...
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